WWW+Internet+networking - Edulink

 Develop the idea of ‘protocols’ by modelling a
computer network with the children as client
machines and the teacher as the server.
 Pass messages around the group according to strict
rules about who can speak to whom and in which
 Consider the Internet as a global network, capitalising
on the understanding of the local network, with
computers all over the world communicating to
provide services and gather data.
 Consider some of the services provided to the school
over the Internet such as the Worcestershire Learning
Gateway (www.networcs.net), Policy Central (or other
monitoring software) data, BBC website, e-mail, voice
and video calls (e.g. Skype), streaming video and films
(e.g. YouTube).
 Examine the difference between home network
management and how access to the Internet at school
is controlled via School’s Broadband filtering and why.
 Use the Cisco resources, based on Peter Packet,
describing how information is passed between
computers and networks
ille/pr/games.html )
Knowledge and Understanding
 Understand that the Internet and the Worldwide Web
are not the same thing – the WWW is a collection of
hyperlinked web pages and websites and is just one of
many services provided over the Internet.
 Understand that The Internet is the host to many
different parts - The World Wide Web, Email, File
Transferring, Chat Rooms and NewsGroups...