Exploring Virtual Laptop

Chapter 6 – Lab\Student
IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software v4.0
Exploring Virtual Laptop
Name __________
As you use Virtual Laptop to practice installing components, answer the following questions.
1. What type of battery is commonly used in today’s laptops?
2. Is it possible to install the RAM backwards?
Why or why not?
3. What type of RAM is used in laptops?
4. How is the insertion of RAM in a laptop different from a desktop?
5. Why would manufacturers make it easy to replace laptop optical drives?
6. What types of devices can be added using a PC card?
7. What are the benefits of a docking station?
8. What kind of connector does the Ethernet cable pictured use?
9. What type of monitor cable was connected to the laptop?
10. Which color is typically reserved for a keyboard port and connector?
11. What is the name of the keyboard connector used in this lab?
12. List the other ports pictured on the docking station that weren’t used in this lab.
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