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27. Gothic Art and Architecture in England and Germany
English Gothic Architecture
Aerial view of Salisbury Cathedral, England, 1220-58, and spire, 1320-1330
(G 13-39)
Salisbury Cathedral, west facade ("Early English"), 1220-58 (G 13-39)
Salisbury Cathedral, nave ("Early English"), 1220-58 (G 13-41)
Plan of Salisbury Cathedral, England, 1220-58 (G 13-40)
Gloucester Cathedral, choir, ("Perpendicular"), 1332-1357 (G 13-42)
Tomb of Edward II, Gloucester Cathedral, 1330-35 (G 13-42A)
*Tomb of Edward II, Gloucester Cathedral, 1330-35; Detail: Edward II
Robert and William Vertue, Chapel of Henry VII, Westminster Abbey, 15031519 (G 13-43)
German Gothic Architecture and Sculpture
Cologne Cathedral, interior, designed by Gerhard of Cologne, completed,
1322 (G 13-52)
*Church of St. Elizabeth, exterior, Marburg, 1233-83
Church of St. Elizabeth, nave, Marburg, 1235-83 (G 13-53)
*Plan of the Church of St. Elizabeth, Marburg, 1233-83
*Saint Maurice, from Magdeburg Cathedral, painted sandstone, ca. 1245-50
Ekkehard and Uta, from Naumburg Cathedral, ca. 1249-55 (G 13-48)
Detail of Uta, from Naumburg Cathedral, ca. 1249-55 (G 13-48)
Virgin Mary with the Dead Christ (Röttgen Pietà), from Rheinland region,
Germany, painted wood, ca. 1300-25 (G 13-50)
lierne ribs
fan vaulting
Andachtsbilder (devotional images)
Rupert of Deutz: Compassio