Chapter 10, Section 4

Chapter 10, Section 4: Culture in the Middle Ages
___________________ set up schools in their __________________________.
A priest who is in charge of other priests and a number of churches?
Church where the bishop is the main priest? A. synagogue B. cathedral
Cathedral schools were located in ____________________ that later became centers of ________________
List 3 facts about cathedral schools:
Students study subjects of higher learning? A. primary school
B. university
C. parochial
Most people did not know how to __________________ & __________________. They learned about
Christianity from? (identify 3)
What type of architecture is this building an example of?
A style of building that was like the Romans built with thick walls and arches?
What type of architecture is this building an example of?
Style of architecture with thin walls, pointed arches, many windows, and flying
Draw a flying buttress?
How long did it take to build the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris?
2 kinds of literature people wrote during the Middle Ages?
Identify 2 popular stories during this time period? Explain what the subject of these stories was?
King Henry II, introduces the use of the __________________ in English courts.
What did an English jury consist of?
What types of questions did they ask?
What do we call this today?
A court case in which a jury examines evidence and decides if an accused person has done wrong?
A. Advice
B. Evidence
Name given to an english council? A. estates grande
C. Trial
B. burgess
C. parliament