Cathedral Project French Art History with Madame Zahn Due

Cathedral Project
French Art History with Madame Zahn
Due Tuesday, November 19th
Grading Standards:
Replicate or imitate a literary/artistic masterpiece, composition, genre, or style from its
distinguishing characteristics.
Illustrate how an artifact symbolizes and reflects a particular culture and/or time period.
For the project, you need to choose either a Romanesque or Gothic cathedral located
in France.
You are to make a 3-D reproduction of the cathedral using whatever materials you can
gather(cardboard, Styrofoam, dried pasta and beans, clay, gingerbread, beads,
Popsicle sticks, etc.). You should speak with Madame Zahn early if you need help
getting any materials.
Along with your 3-D project, you need to make include a write up (1-2 paragraphs)
about your cathedral. The write-up should include the following:
Name and photo of cathedral
Location in France (city and geographical area)
Whether it is Romanesque or Gothic (and what elements make it so)
When it was constructed and what its predominant use was
Why you chose this particular structure to recreate