Objectives - Brigitte Hertz - Trainingen voor wetenschappers

Expenditure of time Questionnaire
1. Do you spend enough time on the ‘real’ work?
2. If not, what are the most important reasons that you do not get round to the ‘real’ work?
3. At what time of the day do you have the most energy and are you the most alert?
4. What kind of tasks do you carry out at such times?
5. Do you often postpone work?
6. For how long are you able to concentrate on a task?
7. How long do you break from work each day?
9. How do you plan your days off?
10. What could you improve?
Hertz, trainingen voor wetenschappers
8. How much sleep do you need?
a: After my PhD I would like to accomplish the following, regarding:
b: For a long time I have wanted to …… but I have not come around to do it
House (and garden):
Culture (passive and/or active)
Hobbies/time off:
Hertz, trainingen voor wetenschappers
Criteria for personal objectives
Measurable and Motivating
Acceptable for others/ Activating for you
Time (quantifiable)
(divisible in smaller steps)
Hertz, trainingen voor wetenschappers
Enthousiastic (positively stated)
Step-by-step plan
Select one objective and fill in the following questionnaire
1. What do I want to accomplish
(what is my objective)
Make sure that your objective complies with the (SMARTIES) criteria
2. Which image fits that situation? Make a drawing of yourself in that situation
4. Which information do I need to be able to formulate my objective more SMART?
Hertz, trainingen voor wetenschappers
3. Do I need money to achieve my goal? How much?
5. Which actions do I have to take to accomplish your goal? Make a list of steps
starting with the last step to reach the goal and then work your way back to the
6. What will be the action I am going to take in the next 72 hours?
(This will be the first important step in achieving your goal)
Hertz, trainingen voor wetenschappers
7. How will I celebarate when I have succeeded taking a next step?