Unit C Vocabulary Quiz

Unit C Vocabulary Quiz
1. sound: a wave that is produced by a vibrating object and travels through matter.
2. vibration: a rapid back and forth motion.
3. vacuum: a space containing few or now particles of matter.
4. pitch: the quality of highness or lowness of a sound.
5. hertz: one complete wavelength per second, the unit for measuring frequency.
6. ultrasound: sound waves with frequencies above 20,000 hertz.
7. resonance: the strengthening of a sound wave when it combines with the object’s natural
8. Doppler effect: the change in perceived pitch that occurs when the source or the receiver of a
sound is moving.
9. intensity: the amount of energy its sound wave has.
10. decibel: used to measure sound intensity.
11. amplification: increasing of the strength of an electrical signal.
12. acoustics: scientific study of sound.
13. echolocation: sending out of high-pitched sound waves and the interpretation of the returning
14. sonar: instruments that use echolocation to locate objects.
15. amplitude: the distance a medium moves above or below its position at rest.
16. frequency: the number of wavelengths passing a fixed point in a certain amount of time.
17. loudness: the attribute of sound that determines the magnitude of auditory sensation,
primarily depends on amplitude.