Grade 7 Flashcards

Grade 7 Flashcards
A loving, faithful relationship between God and humankind is called a _____, which means
to come together or to make an agreement.
The _____ or Sacred Scripture is made up of two parts. The Old Testament and the New
Testament. The Old Testament is made up of _____ books. And the New Testament is made
up of _____ books.
The _____ Mystery is the mystery of Jesus passing over from death to new life. The ______
is the raising of Jesus from the dead.
God as ____ ____ is the central belief of our Christian faith and Christian life. This truth
about God’s identity is something God himself revealed to us, that he is God the _____< God
the _____ and God the _____ _______.
There are two ways in which the community of believers is called the ____ of Christ or the
_____ of God.
In the Nicene Creed we profess the marks of the Church, they are ____ ____ Catholic and
The ______ _______ means that from the very first moment of her conception, or existence
in her mother’s womb, Mary was without sin. The _______is when Mary said yes to God
and agreed to become the Mother of the Son of God. At the end of her life, Mary was taken
to heavenly glory, body and soul and share in the glory of her son’s resurrection is called the
_____ __ _____.
______ is a word that means to unveil; God’s making himself known to us. _____ is a gift
from God to trust and believe in him. The ____ is the teaching authority of the Church.
_____ is the word used to name our belief that the Son of God “took on flesh”; Jesus is true
God and true man. _____is called the assembly of the People of God. _____ _____ is the
living transmission of the faith of the Church passed on since the days of the apostles.
_______ are sacred signs that strengthen our life with God through the prayers of the Church.
Blessings of meals, objects and places are the most important of these. _____ means the
“work of the people.”
______means to turn away from sin and to turn toward God. Presbyters, or _____ are
ordained to be co-workers with the bishops.
_____ means the work of all the people of the Church.
_____ _____ is the death, resurrection and the ascension of Jesus Christ.
The first main part of the Mass is called the _______ ___ __ _______. The second main part
of the Mass is called the _____ __ __ ________.
The sacrament of healing that celebrates God’s merciful forgiveness is called _____.
The sacrament in which a baptized man and woman become signs of Christ’s love for his
Church is called _______. The sacrament in which a bishop, priest, or deacon is chosen and
consecrated to serve the whole Church is called _________.
The seasons and feasts of the Church’s year of worship is called the _________ _____.
Sharing in God’s life and love is called _________.
Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation are known as the Sacraments of __________. The
sacrament that strengthens our faith when we are seriously ill or dying is called the ________
___ ________ _____.
A grave failure in our love of God or neighbor that breaks, or destroys, our life with God is
called a _____ sin. A failure in our love of God or neighbor that weakens but does not
destroy our life with God is called a _________ sin.
_______ are powers or habits that help us live the commandments and the Beatitudes.
Theological ____help us live a life of holiness. The three theological virtues are _____
,______ and _____.
The spiritual dimension of the human person is called the _______. _______ is the term
used to describe the way we have been created to live.
Moral virtues are attitudes and habits of doing what is _____. The four moral virtues of our
faith are: ______, _______, _________ and _________.
The daily prayer of the Church is called the Liturgy of the _____. Asking God’s forgiveness
and help in all our needs is called prayer of _______. Declaring that God is our almighty
Creator and the source of everything that is good is called a prayer of _____ and ______.
Asking God to give us and others – including those who have harmed us – the help we need
is called the prayer of _______.
Expressing gratitude to God for his unlimited blessings is called a prayer of ______. Prayer
using our imaginations, our minds, and our desire to live our life in Christ is called
________. Giving glory to God simply because he is God is called a prayer of _______.
Prayer of being alone with God as one is alone with a friend is called ________.