Planning time

Planning with the
Reviewing the focus of the Religion
Curriculum P-12
Step 1: Access the new
Religion Curriculum online
1) Kweb
2) RE Portal
3) Religion Curriculum website
Step 2: Look at the overall
picture for your year level
Read through the year level description
and achievement standard
 What are the main concepts that need to
be taught?
 What connections can be made between
the strands and concepts?
Step 3: Use the content to
explore the bigger picture
ideas you have identified
What are the religious understandings
and skills that link to the big ideas in the
year level description and achievement
 How can the daily prayer life of my class
support the Religion Curriculum E.g.
content in the sub strand “Prayer and
Spirituality”, daily prayer experiences,
religious life of the school
Step 4: Consider when the
content ‘blocks’ might fit
into your teaching plan
Are there significant events in the school or
liturgical year that would support the
teaching of content and skills? E.g Easter,
Project Compassion
 Do some ideas fit well with the work you do
with students at the beginning, middle or
end of the year? E.g. preparation for
Graduation, establishing class covenants,
social justice activities
Step 5: Decide on the focus
of the unit of work
Review the Achievement standard and
year level description to select a focus for
a unit of work: highlight the appropriate
 Record the corresponding knowledge and
skills to explore the teaching content
 Use the RE planning template to record
your ideas
 Make connections with the Religious life of
the school document
Step 6: Consider the
learning sequence for a unit
of work
Use an inquiry approach to set out the
framework for the unit e.g. Launch, Access,
Develop, Demonstrate, Evaluate, Reflect
Look at the content and skills – what concepts
will need to be taught and how might they be
sequenced within your inquiry unit?
Consider assessment pieces to monitor student
learning along the way – check back in with
the Achievement standards for your year level
Step 7: Give the unit some
depth and breadth
Look through the elaborations that
compliment the content and skills you
have chosen
Explore suggested activities in the
Learning Bytes online
Rediscover activities you have done in
previous Religious Education units
Read the Teacher background information
on the RE portal (and on the website and
Look through activities in the RE modules
that might relate to your unit of work
Reflect on what you have
learnt in the planning process
and the unit itself
Reflect with students on the skills they have
developed and what they need to work
further on as the year progresses
 Talk with your team teacher or APRE about
what content was challenging, what did the
students engage in and what would you
change if you did the unit again