Crossword 1 (Ch.7-Ch.11) Name______________________________________________

Crossword 1 (Ch.7-Ch.11)
2. four characteristics of the Church: one, holy, catholic, and
10. name given to describe the Apostles’ authority and call to
service that has been handed down to their successors, the
pope and bishops
1. seven special gifts that help us to live as faithful followers
and true witnesses of Jesus Christ: wisdom, understanding,
counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and fear of the Lord
3. meetings of the pope and bishops to discuss and make
decisions on issues of faith, morals, and life of the Church
4. sacrament in which we receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit in
a special way
5. effective signs given to us by Jesus Christ through which
we share in God’s life
6. community of believers who worship and work together
7. first and foundational sacrament by which we become
sharers in God’s divine life, are freed from Original Sin and
all personal sins, become children of God, and are welcomed
into the church
8. local area of the Church led by a bishop
9. priest who leads the parish in worship, prayer, and teaching
11. community of people who believe in Jesus Christ, have
been baptized in him, and follow his teachings
Crossword 2
7. abstaining from food or drink for one hour before
receiving Communion
1. true presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist under
the appearance of bread and wine
2. sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ, who is
truly present under the appearance of bread and wine
3. book containing all the readings that we use during
the Liturgy of the Word at Mass; it is not the whole
Bible but a collection of parts of the Bible arranged
for reading at Mass
4. Church’s great prayer of praise and thanks to God
the Father, the celebration of the Eucharist
5. official public prayer of the Church
6. feast on which Jewish people remember the
miraculous way that God saved them from death and
slavery in ancient Egypt
7. center of the celebration of the Mass and the heart
of the Catholic faith; the great prayer of thanksgiving
and Consecration