Why is Gilgamesh seeking Utnapishtim

1 Why is Gilgamesh seeking Utnapishtim? Is this a selfish or selfless quest?
Why can’t he cross the sea of death at first? How does he actually do it?
What could the sea of death symbolize…it’s an archetype!
2 On page 73, Gilgamesh asks, “Is there something more than death?” Utnapishtim
ruminates on this thought over the next several pages (73-75). Study this philosophical
passage to find the archetypal symbolism and wisdom about life, death, and immortality.
3 Why do the gods decide to have a flood (it’s an archetype)?
Why does Ea choose Utnapishtim to build a boat and how does he build it?
How is this similar to other flood story archetypes?
4 What was the response of the gods during the flood? What does this tell you about
them? How did Utnapishtim respond to the flood? How is he rewarded for surviving(it’s
an archetype)? How does he feel about this reward?
5 What does Utnapishtim give Gilgamesh before he sends him away (it’s an archetype)?
What does this symbolize? What happens to this gift? What might this symbolize?
6 Does Gilgamesh learn anything from this archetypal journey? Does he change at all?
Explain. How is he more human now?