Gilgamesh Tablet 1 Worksheet

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Gilgamesh Reading Response Worksheet 5
(Covers Tablets 5-7)
Directions: Answer the following questions as you read. They are in chronological order. You
do not necessarily need to answer in sentence form, but do make sure your answer makes
sense and completely answers the question asked.
Words to look up before reading:
Tablet 5 Reading Questions:
1. Why did the gods decide to destroy mankind?
2. Which god warned Utnapishitm about this plan to destroy mankind?
3. On page 108, what is Utnapishtim told to do?
4. What is Utnapishtim told to tell the people and elders about his project?
5. How many days does it take Utnapishtim to complete his building project?
6. How long does the storm last?
7. What mountain does Utnapishtim’s barge come to rest on?
8. What birds does Utnapishtim loose?
9. What does he offer to the gods as a sacrifice on page 111?
10. Why dosn’t Ishtar think Enlil should recieve any of the sacrifice?
11. Which god is angry on page 112 and why?
12. What is Ea’s response when Enlil accuses him of warning Utnapishtim about the flood?
13. What gift does Enlil give to Utnapishtim and his wife at the end of this tablet?
Discussion Questions:
Directions: Use bullet points to answer the following questions.
1. What are some similarities in this myth and the Biblical account of Noah?
2. How are these two accounts different?
3. What do you think of Ea? Is he good? Bad? Be ready to support your answer?
4. Be ready to discuss the character of the Sumerian gods. What are they like? Make sure you know
names and examples for our discussion.
Tablet 6 Reading Questions
1. What question does Utnapishtim ask Gilgamesh in the first three lines of this tablet?
2. What does Utnapishtim tell his wife to do while Gigamesh sleeps?
3. What is Urshanabi’s punishment for bringing Gilgamesh to Utnapishtim?
4. What does Unapishtim tell Urshanabi to for Gilgamesh?
5. Utnapishtim’s wife feels sorry for Gilgamesh and convinces her husband to give Gilgamesh a gift. What
information does Utnamisthim give to Gilgamesh?
6. How does Gilgamesh retrieve the item Utnapisthtim has told him about?
7. What ultimately happens to this item?
8. Describe the city of Uruk according to page 117.
9. What are Gilagamesh’ accomplishments according to the end of this tablet?
Discussion Questions:
Use bullet points to answer the following questions.
1. In your opinion, what had Gilgamesh gained from his journey?
2. Do you think the ancient Sumerians had a hope of an afterlife or spiritual salvation? Support your
3. After reading the events of this tablet, how do you think the Sumerians viewed life and mankind in
4. Be ready to explain your thoughts and relate them to the text.
Tablet 7
What is tablet 7 about?
Discussion Questions:
Use bullet points to answer the following questions.
1. Gilgamesh was not destined for immortality, so what was he to be content with (what was his destiny)?
2. What is emphasized in the italicized lines on pages 118 and 119?
3. Look back to tablet 1. How has Gilgamesh changed as a character throughout the course of the epic?
4. Why do you think Gilgamesh changed?
5. What messages do you think this epic makes about both mankind and about the Sumerian gods?
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