Emotional Intelligence and the Wise Choice Process

Emotional Intelligence and the Wise Choice Process
As you saw in your research on emotional intelligence, the choices we make in life
are highly influenced by the responses we have to both our own emotions and the
emotions of others. Often times, we do not make our best decisions because we
allow our emotions to stop us from fully processing ALL of the possible choices
available to us.
The following is an example of what is called the Wise Choice Process:
What is the situation about which you need a decision?
How would you like the situation to be?
What do you believe are your possible choices? What else?
What’s the likely outcome of each possible choice?
Given both the choices available to you and all of the possible outcomes,
which choice(s) will you commit to doing?
Using the Wise Choice Process, choose three situations in your life about which
you currently need to make a decision but are “stuck” in terms of how to approach
it. Using College Writing Guidelines, complete the Wise Choice Process for each
of those three situations.
Due: Tuesday