Wise Choice

Report #4
FIPP Activity Report
Funded by the Basic Skills Initiative
Name Vera Bruce
Date 12-17-09
FIPP Partner Kathy Hall
Section #7546
Activity /Strategy Wise Choice Process
Category IV Feedback and Evaluation
Briefly describe the activity/strategy.
1. Introduction At the beginning of the semester, I directed the students' attention
to the wise choice section of the syllabus and explained that they would receive
a 30% reduction in possible points if they submitted an assigment past the due
date, but if they submitted a paper answering the wise choice questions, they
would only have a 20% reduction in the late assignment.
2. Set up & Supplies The process was listed in the syllabu-No supplies or set-up
3. Directions I explained that those wanting the reduction of possible points to be
less could answer the questions in the wise choice process.
4. Conclusion Some students turned in late assignments without the wise choice
paper attached. Maybe they forgot that that option was available. Comments
are from 10 surveys from students who made comments. Only three reported
using it and felt it was very beneficial and one student said it pushed him/her to
do better. One student who did not use it said it was a good option to have.
What worked well? Yes, for those who used it, it worked well.
What would you change? Next time, I would remind the students of the option more often.
I did sometimes remind them, but not each time I accepted a late assignment.
Would you use the activity/strategy again? Why or why not? Yes, I plan to use this activity
again and let them know that I would only accept ONE late assigment and only with the
wise choice process.
Please describe any student learning outcomes/changes that you observed after the
implementation of the activity/strategy. None