parking pass contract - Kanawha County Schools

Student Last Name
South Charleston High School
Student First Name
Space #___________
Parent Phone Numbers
CAR # 1
CAR # 2 (secondary)
Car License #
Insurance Co. &
Policy Number
Driver’s License #
Parking Pass fees: $30.00 for seniors; $35.00 for underclassmen; $5.00 for a secondary vehicle
1. Eligibility for a parking pass is based on the most recent nine weeks grade & attendance report.
Students must meet all of the following requirements:
a) 2.0 GPA b) no more than 15 tardies c) 35 or less unexcused classroom absences
Eligibility is reviewed at the end of each grading period. Passes are revoked if eligibility requirements
are not met. NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE. Students may reapply to purchase a parking pass at
the end of the next grading period if eligibility requirements are met.
2. Effective for review of nine weeks criteria for 2014-2015 Academic Year:
a. 2.0 GPA b. no more than 20 tardies c. 40 or less unexcused classroom absences
3. Parking pass numbers correspond with the numbered parking spaces. Students must park in their
assigned space. Parking passes must hang from the rearview mirror facing out.
4. Transfer of a pass to another student’s car is not allowed and will result in the parking pass being
5. Violation of parking guidelines may result in the car being booted*, being towed at owner’s expense,
disciplinary action and/or loss of parking pass. NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE.
6. Violation of driving and parking lot rules will result in disciplinary action, the car being booted* or
loss of parking pass. NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE.
7. Students are to exit the parking lot while following standard vehicle driving laws and following the
established parking lot pattern designed by school officials. The speed limit of 10 MPH is not to be
exceeded in the parking lot. Cutting through lanes of traffic or through parking spaces violates the
parking lot pattern. Students who cut off other drivers or do not drive to the end of the lane to turn
and exit will be subject to disciplinary action, which may result in loss of parking privileges.
8. South Charleston High School and the Kanawha County Board of Education assume no
responsibility for damage to cars while on the parking lot.
*There is a $10.00 boot removal fee. Attempting to drive an automobile while booted may
cause damage. The school and/or school board will not be responsible for damage.
My son/daughter has permission to drive the personal vehicles(s) listed above to and from school for the 2014 -2015
school year. I understand that non-compliance of eligibility requirements, school rules, standard driving laws and
parking lot guidelines may result in loss of the parking pass. NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE.
Parent Signature __________________________________________________________ Date _______________
Student Signature _________________________________________________________ Date _______________
Revised 5/2014
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