Free Fall Worksheet 2RWS

Free Fall Worksheet 2RWS..............................................................................Physics
Use d = 1/2 g . t2 to solve these problems. Neglect air resistance in all cases:
1. Water from a garden hose is shot 15 m straight up into the air. Once a drop of it starts falling, how many seconds will it take to
hit the ground ?
2. A plane is flying at 9000 m when one bolt works its way loose, and falls to the ground. How many seconds does this take ?
3. Samantha, my Flat-Coated Retriever puppy, jumps down from the top of a 1.2 m high fence. How many seconds does it take for
Sammy to reach the ground?
4. A Roofer's hammer fell off a 7.75 m high roof. How many seconds did it take to hit the ground ?
5. A piece of space junk fell out of orbit, and then down to the ground from a height of 320,000 m. How long did it take to come
down ?
6. A rock was thrown out of a volcano. When it started falling, it tool 3.5 s to hit the ground. How high was the rock thrown ?
7. A high diver dives off of a platform and takes 2.857 s to hit the water. How high is the platform ?
8. Wyl-E-Coyote has missed the Road-Runner yet again, and falls through a hole at the edge of a cliff. it takes him 4 s to fall before
he hits the ground an goes
. How high was the cliff that Wyl-E fell through ?
------------------------------- A LITTLE BIT TOUGHER ------------------------------9. On Jupiter, a space probe drops a small mass in order to determine the acceleration due to gravity. The ball drops .5 m in .0295
s. What is the acceleration due to gravity on Jupiter ?
10. An Astronaut on the moon drops a hammer from a height of 1.3 m, and it takes 1.27 s to hit the moon's surface. What is the
acceleration due to gravity on the moon ?
Answers (not in correct order):
255.55 s,
1.75 s,
11.5 m/s2,
60.01 m,
42.86 s,
1.6 m/s 2,
40 m,
0.49 s,
78.4 m,
1.26 s