Force & Motion Crossword

Force & Motion Crossword
6. As well as changing the speed of a car a
force can also change its ....
8. Do this to mass and acceleration
to get force
10. The acceleration in m/s/s produced by a
force of 36N on a mass of 4kg
11. Pairs of forces often act in ********
13. Force up when seven down is combined
with ten up
14. A push or a pull
16. Force is measured in..
18. Force pairs are often ***** in size
19. A type of force that pulls down
20. The path taken by a body which is not
acted on by a force
1. A motion effect of a force
2. If there are no forces on a body it can
move at a constant ....
3. Newton's first name
4. The mass in kilograms that will accelerate
at 2 m/s/s when a force of 10N is applied
5. A type of force that causes objects to
slow down
7. Air **********, a type of frictional force
9. The force in newtons required to make a
mass of 500g accelerate by 8 m/s/s
12. The type of force between a person and
the chair they are sitting on
15. Mass must be measured in these in the
equation F=ma
17. Force divided by acceleration