Physics 11: Dynamics Exam

Physics 11: Dynamics Exam
Name: _______________________
Block: D
1. Explain Newton’s 2nd Law in your own words.
Find the acceleration.
µ = 0.15
Find the acceleration and the tension in the rope between the blocks.
µ = 0.25
4. Find the acceleration of the system
µ = 0.48
5. a) Find the acceleration of the system given the block was initially at rest.
b) How fast is the block moving after 3.2 seconds?
µ = 0.66
6. A 15 kg lawnmower is pushed at an angle of 35 degrees [above the horizontal – as shown], with a force of
85 N. If the coefficient of friction between the long grass and the lawnmower is 0.14, how fast will the
lawnmower accelerate?