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Sociology Study Guide
Chapter 1
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1. What is sociology?
2. How is the sociological perspective different from the psychological perspective?
3. Can you predict the behavior of an individual when they are in a group? _______
4. What is the sociological imagination?
5. Who is the father of sociology?
6. What is the difference between social statics and social dynamics?
7. How did the theory of Social Darwinism reflect Charles Darwin's theory of
8. What is the difference between mechanical and organic solidarity?
9. What is group conformity?
10. Why did Karl Marx believe that class conflict was inevitable?
11. What is the difference between manifest and latent functions?
12. Which theory is concerned with who has the power in a situation? ______________
13. An example of this could be a gesture that everyone has an understood meaning for.
14. Which sociologist was especially concerned about the poor people in society and
tried to help them?
15. In mechanical or organic solidarity does everyone have a specialized role, there is a
consensus on values, and there is strong social pressure to conform. _____________
16. Which sociologist is associated with positivism?
17. This sociological perspective emphasizes the contributions of each part of society
and how these parts work together to create a whole. _____________________
18. What is dysfunction?
19. Think about the groups you belong to. Do most groups encourage conformity?
20. Is sociology a new or an old social science? ___________________
21. Can groups be diverse. Can a crowd of people watching a basketball game be a
group even though each individual is different? ______________
22. Why do people tend to conform?
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