Exam Checklist - Madison County Schools

I Can Statements
Name: __________________________
o I understand the definition of the following terms/people, their significance in Sociology, related
terms/people/theories and can connect each to real-life situations or examples:
o Empirical Evidence
o Reliability
o Hawthorne Effect
o Concept
o Validity
o Sample
o Operationalization
o Correlation
o Inductive Logical
o Mode
o Spurious Correlation
o Mean
o Max Weber
o Median
o Androcentricity
o Deductive Logical
o Overgeneralization
1. I can describe what Lois Benjamin's research suggests.
2. I can describe what the sociological perspective reveals about common sense.
3. I can identify what I must do when measuring subjective concepts, such as social class.
4. I can describe the relationship between reliability and validity.
5. I can identify the independent variable in an experiment or study.
6. I can describe what it means for a researcher to be objective.
Chapter 2
Pages: 28-57
7. I can explain why sociologists cannot precisely predict someone’s behavior.
8. I can identify what type of data scientific sociology favors.
9. I can identify what type of change critical sociology wants to bring.
10. I know the ASA’s guidelines for ethical research.
11. I can compare and contrast the closed-ended format and the open-ended format.
12. I can identify the problem with this question: "Do you think that the government should spend less for
defense and more for health care?"