PresqueMort_6wksPlan - TTHSFrench

Presque Mort: Day 1
Chapters 1-2 (pp. 1-8)
Popup Grammar – Être
Presque Mort: Day 2
Review Grammar: Être
Culture: La Bretagne
Quiz: Être
Bellringer: 5 min
What do you think this book is about (10
sentences in English)
Translate: 20 min
Have students translate chapter 1 aloud
for 20 minutes identifying different
conjugations of the verb être as it
appears in context.
Grammar – être: 15 min
Introduce verb être. Conjugate verb on
board. Then, as a class, rewrite
paragraph 1, page 1 using different
forms of être. Finally have students
write simple, original sentences using the
verb être.
Vocabulary: 10 min
Identify all familiar vocabulary in
chapter 1. All vocabulary is up for grabs
on a test. If it is not familiar to you,
familiarize yourself with it.
 Descriptive words
 Relationships
 House
 Activities
 School
Bellringer: 5 min
Décrivez un membre de votre famille en
6 phrases: 3 avec être.
Describe people: 10 min
Review conjugations of avoir and être.
Describe images of King Arthur.
Map: 10 min
Give students blank maps of France /
Brittany. Show them where Brittany is
located. Identify the following on the
map of Brittany: St. Malo, Carnac,
Brocéliande, Mont St. Michel, Rennes.
Video: Visit Brittany 5 min
Would you want to visit this place?
Quintessential Brittany 15 min
Have students read article and hi-light
what 2 things about each topic that they
find most interesting. Then discuss what
Grading Policy: 10 min
Video: Arthur Trailer 5 min
Show students trailer and explain how it
relates to Bretagne.
Translate: 20 min
Have students translate chapter 2 aloud
identifying different conjugations of the
verb être as it appears in context.
Vocabualry: 10 min
Review vocabulary students identified as
important from Chapters 1 and 2.
Write: 5 min
Write an original paragraph describing
yourself in 5 simple sentences using the
verb être.
Vocabulary: 10 min
Identify all familiar
chapter 2.
 Weather
 Food
vocabulary in
Quiz – être / vocabualry
Read chapter 3
Presque Mort: Day 3
Chapters 3 (pp. 9-14)
Popup Grammar: Aller
Bellringer: 10 min
Ecrivez 5 phrases qui explique quelque
chose que vous avez appris la dernière
classe en anglais.
Translate: 20 min
Have students read chapter 3 for basic
meaning and underline words/phrases
that they don’t recognize. Then with a
partner, define words they didn’t know.
Grammar – aller: 15 min
Introduce verb aller. Conjugate verb on
board. Then, as a class, write a simple
descriptive paragraph using aller and
Vocabulary: 10 min
Make a list of vocabulary that students
recognize from Ch. 3. All vocabulary is
up for grabs on a test. If it is not familiar
to you, familiarize yourself with it.
 Travel / Transportation
 Food
Begin / End of Class / Pencils / Cell
Phones: 10 min
Translate: 20 min
Have students translate chapter 3 aloud
identifying different conjugations of the
verb aller as it appears in context. Make
a list of 7 new vocabulary structures: un
vol, conduire, une coiffe de dentelle, une
robe noire, un beau tablier de dentelle,
l’essence, la station-service.
Write: 5 min
Create 1 paragraph in which students
Tell 4 things that they are going to do
using the verb aller. Underline each
Presque Mort: Day 4
Review Chapter 3
Review Grammar: Aller
Culture: Charles de Gaulle
Bellringer: 10 min
Dessinez quelque chose qui représente
chaque mot suivant: un vol, l’essence,
conduire, une robe noire, la stationservice.
Review verb aller: 20 min
Ask: What are some possible meanings
or uses of the verb aller? Write out
conjugation, then as a class create 1
paragraph in which you tell 4 things you
are going to do using the verb aller.
Underline each example.
Review Chapter 3: 10 min
Ask students to give a summary of what
they understood in chapter 3. Ask them
if they defined all vocabulary words. If
not, they are to define words for
Culture: 10 min
Give Charles de Gaulle airport code
(CDG). Have students see if they can
figure out what it is. Based on their
reading, students should answer where
the airport is located. Show a map of
where the airport is located in relation to
Paris. Then show a picture of Charles de
Presque Mort: Day 5
Chapter 3 (pp. 12-14)
Popup Grammar: Present tense –er
Quiz : Aller
Collect Paragraphs w/verbs être & aller
Bellringer : 10 min
Ditez-moi douze choses que vous allez
faire ce semaine.
Exemple : Je vais passer un
examen du verbe aller.
Translate : 20 min
Translate Chapter 3 beginning on page
12. Identify and list every –er verb in
the text in context on the board.
Syllabus: 10 min
Folders / Absentees: Absentee boss.
Coming to Attention
Discarding Trash
Grammar : 20 min
Discuss how to form –er verbs. Use the
verbs from the list. To create sentences
and look at sentences.
Quiz: 15 min
Pass quiz on the verb aller.
Activity: 10 min
Create present tense verb card.
Presque Mort : Day 6
Culture : Rennes, St Malo, Mt St Michel
Review Tests : être, aller
Review Grammar : -er verbs
Next Class: Quiz Ch. 1-3
Bellringer : 10 min
Écrivez des phrases en utilisant les
verbes suivants : arriver, passer, se
trouver, parler.
Grammar : 10 min
Review –er verbs with students. Create
an example paragraph using verbs from
Culture : 15 min
Have students locate facts on the
following places from the article
Quintessential Brittany and the novel:
Rennes, St. Malo, Mont Saint Michel.
Have students share facts.
Syllabus : 10 min
Review the procedure for restroom
Show students the website
Culture: 10 min
Tell students information that they need
to know for the following places:
Rennes :
- Plus de 200.000 habitants
- une ville ancienne
- un métro tout neuf
- feu en 1720
St. Malo :
Translate: 10 min
Translate paragraph from chapter 3 that
describes who Charles de Gaulle was
and what he accomplished in France.
Remind students that this cultural
information will be found on a future
Syllabus: 15 min
Leaving Classroom (hand out passes),
Elect Bosses (timer/paper/absentee),
Folders/Absentees (check the website)
Writing: 10 min
Create 1 paragraph in which you tell 5
things someone is going to do using the
verb aller. Underline each example.
Next Class: Quiz on aller.
- Les corsaires
- Grand Aquarium – 600 genres de poissons.
- Châteaubriand, l’écrivain, est né ici en 1768.
- Jacques Cartier, l’explorateur qui a découvert le
Mont Saint-Michel :
- se trouve sur une petite île.
- une vieille abbaye tout en haut
- l’abbaye était construit au 17e siècle
Speaking: 10 min
Take 90 seconds to think about what has
happened in chapters 1-3. Explain any
information from those 3 chapters to a
partner using the following criteria: 3-er,
2Être, 1Aller. Have students form a line
and continue telling the same
information to other students for 10
Review Tests : 15 min
Review exams with students. Answer
any questions that students may have.
Presque Mort: Day 7
Chapter 4 (pp. 29-36)
Grammar: Avoir
Quiz Ch. 1-3
Bellringer: 10 min
Fill in the blank with the correct form of
the verb in parenthesis.
Nous ______ (quitter) l’aéroport et nous
_____ (aller) dans un restaurant.
Il _____ (expliquer) que le chien _____
(être) fatigué.
Les chats ne _____ (rester) pas au
Quiz : 15 min
Take quiz with questions from Chapters
1-3 in English. Have several versions of
the test for different classes/rows. When
students are done with test, begin
translating chapter 4 of their novels.
Grammar: 15 min
Introduce the verb avoir. Identify some
of the idiomatic expressions: avoir
faim/soif, avoir…ans.
Practice by
creating sentences based on what you
have, what you and your partner have,
what another group has, what M. Watson
Speaking: 20 min
Play name game and have students
include one of the sentences that they
created above: Il/Elle s’appelle Mario.
Je m’appelle Carla. Nous avons du
Translaton: 20 min
Have students scan through chapter 4 for
basic meaning. Discuss as a class after 5
min. Then for 10 min, walk through
finding different forms of être, avor,
aller and –er verbs. Identify subject
verb agreements. Allow the remaining
time to translate what we looked
Presque Mort: Day 8
Review all grammar
Write Script for PCP
Presque Mort: Day 9
Prepare for PCP
Culture / Map Test
Bellringer: 10 min
Make a list of 5 cultural facts that you
have learned this year in French class.
Bellringer: 10 min
Dessinez les costumes des hommes et
des femmes en Bretagne.
Writing : 10 min
Write a brief summary of Presque Mort
in which students use the following
criteria: 5P.
Test : 15 min
Pass Cultural test on la Bretagne.
Grammar: 20 min
Using the sentences from above, do a 20
minute review of the verbs discussed this
six weeks: avoir, être, aller, -er. Take
individual sentences.
Writing: 40 min
Students begin writing a script of one
part of the novel Presque Mort. Students
must create some type of scene that
expounds on any idea or event from
chapters 1-4. Give them the following
criteria that must be underlined: 10P,
6V, 4MA.
Assessment Prep : 60 min
Allow students to complete scripts and
begin rehearsing them in preparation for
the six weeks assessment next class.
Presque Mort: Day 9
Six Weeks Assessment
Bellringer: 10 min
Make any final preparations for your
presentations in the next 10 min.
Six Weeks Assessment