Black History Month – Opposing Viewpoints In Context Scavenger

Black History Month – Opposing Viewpoints In Context Scavenger Hunt
As stated in the article “The Women behind the Men,” who was passed over for the Southern
Christian Leadership Conference’s director position?
Answer: Ella Baker
1. As described in the article “Montgomery Bus Boycott” from the Gale Encyclopedia of American Law,
what was the “WPC”?
Women’s Political Council
2. According to the article “Eight Lives Etched in History” from The New York Times, which two people
featured in the article held an elected office?
Shirley Chisholm & Julian Bond
3. Perform a search that will return the names of key figures in the struggle for African American voting
rights. List three.
Barbara Charlene Jordan
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Eleanor Holmes Norton
Luther Porter Jackson
Lyndon Baines Johnson
Martin Luther King, Jr.
4. From the viewpoint articles “Affirmative Action Is Racial Profiling” and “Affirmative Action Is Not
Racial Profiling,” list one pro- and one con-considerations.
Pro: Several possible responses
Con: Several possible responses
5. List three topic pages that highlight concerns in today’s African American community, and tell why
you selected it.
Several possible responses