Reading: The New Affirmative Action September 30, 2007)

Reading: The New Affirmative Action (David Leonhardt. New York Times.
September 30, 2007)
Directions: Address and respond to the following questions.
1. Explain the impact of the passing of California Proposition 209 (1996) on the
admission of African-American students at U.C.L.A.
2. According to Peter Taylor, why does Prop 209 create an “impossible
3. Explain the purpose of affirmative action policies. Why do they exist?
4. In a 2004 study, researches analyzed admissions records at 19 elite
universities. Holding ACT scores equal, what did the researchers find?
5. Explain the “iron law of higher education.”
6. Describe how U.C. campuses have made efforts to maintain “racial diversity.”
7. In your estimation, is U.C.L.A. breaking the laws under California Prop 209?
(How does U.C.L.A. get around the requirements?)
8. Is the “new affirmative” action at U.C.L.A. acceptable to you with regard to
admissions. Explain your reasoning.