Everything isn`t racial profiling

Prepared by
Anas Alyamani
Graduate Student
St. Mary’s University
The consideration of race when
developing a profile of suspected
criminals; by extension, a form
of racism involving police focus
on people of certain racial
groups when seeking suspected
Example of racial profiling is the
use of race to determine which
drivers to stop for minor traffic
Linda Chavez was born in New Mexico. (June 17,
1947 ).
She graduated from the University of Colorado and
completed further studies at University of California,
Los Angeles and the University of Maryland.
In 1985, she became director of the White House
Office of Public Liaison for the Reagan
Administration and later the chair of the National
Commission on Migrant Education under the first
Bush Administration.
In 1987, Chavez served as president of U.S. English.
From 1992 to 1996, she was a consultant for United
Nations Subcommittee on Human Rights.
In 2002, she suggests that some aspects of racial
profiling may be necessary for the sake of security.
She is the founder of the Center for Equal
Opportunity. Currently, Chavez is a Fox News
political commentator.
Linda Chavez, American Author
Racial Profiling is an ugly
Chavez opposing Racial
Profiling for years.
She is not oppose to allowing
airlines to check the
passengers for the sake of
The problem is distinguishing
between what is permissible
and what is merely bigotry.
Its not always easy to tell the
Racial Profiling entails
picking someone out for
special scrutiny simply
because of his race.
The underlying
presumption is that blacks
are more likely to be
involved in criminal acts
because of their skin.
There are times when the
racial profiling make sense
to include race or national
origin in larger criminal
Particularly if you are
dealing with a crime that
has already been
committed and the
participants all come from
single ethnic.