Racial Profiling - internationalspeech

Soyeong Jeon
 Racial profiling is picking someone out for
special scrutiny just because of his or her race.
Linda Chavez has generally opposed to racial
profiling, but she agrees that
airlines use racial profiling.
She think it is wrong and inefficient,
but sometimes that makes sense.
 Walid Shter was kicked out from an American Airlin
es plane because he was Arab American even though
he had his official Arab American Secret Service agent
 Also Linda Chavez encountered similar situation
because she looks like Middle Eastern a little bit.
She was humiliated and unpleasant in these
situations but she thought airlines’ act was
reasonable. And it made her feel safer.
• Racial profiling is not acceptable in any case.
• This can be serious discrimination.
• Also there is no subjective distinguishing criterion
between races.
• Even airline, the criteria should be other clue(like
acting, wearing) not just race.
• Plus government should try to prevent from
people using others ID illegally.