RD 5.4.3. Pruitt's Dual Concern Model

Reading for the UNHCR Emergency Management Training
Reading 5.4.3. Pruitt’s Dual Concern Model
Pruitt's dual concern model presents a matrix for analysing the different ways that we work in
reaching agreement in groups. His "dual concerns" (task and relationship) must be balanced.
The task and relationship sides of the matrix can be thought of as: 1) your concern of
accomplishing your goal on your own terms versus… 2) respecting the value of the group
involved in the discussion or negotiation and the need to maintain a positive "team dynamic"
within the group. Consider the following table and try to relate each style from the four
quadrants to a scenario that you have been involved in.
Balancing the Valuing of:
Goal Attainment (Task) and Relationship (Team)
Why Choose Collaboration?
True collaboration meets aspirations, creates stable solutions, strengthens relationships, and
contributes to broader community.
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