Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle
The Jewel of Scotland
Perched high on an extinct volcanic outcrop, Edinburgh Castle
dominates the city skyline.
This evocative landmark has a fascinating history spanning
3000 years and was residence to many Scottish Kings and
Every occupant modified or added to the original structure, so that today it is a rich architectural
mixture of palace, fortress, barracks, chapel and war memorial.
It is also the home of the Scottish Crown Jewels, the oldest Royal Regalia in Britain. A major
exhibition of these symbols of sovereignty uses colourful tableaux, music and models to tell their
tale, including how they were buried not once, but twice.
With many more sights to see, from the giant siege gun Mons Meg to the room where Mary
Queen if Scots gave birth to James VI and I, the first ruler of both Scotland and England,
Edinburgh Castle offers an absorbing mixture of entertainment and education.