Word Skills Lesson 23

Word Skills Lesson 23
1. abject (adjective)
Parts: ab (apart, away); ject (throw)
Definition: extremely bad, unpleasant, and degrading
Synonyms: wretched, miserable, disgusting
Antonyms: luxurious, comfortable, pleasant
2. androgynous (adj)
Parts: andro (man); gyn (woman); ous (full of)
Synonyms: unisex, asexual
Antonyms: masculine, feminine
3. aver (verb)
Parts: ad (to cause to be); ver (true)
Synonyms: assert, affirm, declare
Antonyms: deny, renounce
4. circumscribe (verb)
Parts: circum (around); scrib (write)
Definition: to draw a line around; to confine within borders
Synonyms: encircle, restrict, limit
Antonyms: N/A
5. consummate (verb)
Parts: con (together, with); sum (highest); ate (make, cause)
Definition: to bring to completion; perfection, or fulfillment
Synonyms: complete, finish
Antonyms: begin, start
6. decimate (verb)
Parts: decem (ten); ate (make, cause)
Definition: to destroy, remove, or kill a large part of
Synonyms: massacre, destroy
Antonyms: N/A
7. disparage (verb)
Parts: dis (apart, away); par (equal); age (action)
Definition: to make someone feel unimportant or small
Synonyms: belittle, insult, dishonor, vilify
Antonyms: honor, praise, compliment
8. endogenous (adjective)
Parts: endo (inside, within); gen (start, origin); ous (full of)
Synonyms: internal
Antonyms: external
9. extemporize (verb)
Parts: ex (out); tempor (time); ize (make, do)
Definition: to make or perform something without preparation
Synonyms: improvise
Antonyms: plan, rehearse
10. impertinent (adjective)
Parts: im (not); per (through); ten (hold, keep); ent (full of)
Definition: not showing respect; not suitable or relevant
Synonyms: rude, irrelevant
Antonyms: respectful, appropriate, relevant
11. inexorable (adjective)
Parts: in (not); ex (out); ora (speak, pray); able (capable of)
Definition: Not capable of being persuaded
Synonyms: relentless, merciless
Antonyms: merciful, compromising
12. inundate (verb)
Parts: in (in, into); und (wave); ate (cause, make)
Synonyms: flood, swamp, overwhelm
Antonyms: drain, deplete