Nothing But a Good Time Small Group Notes Warm up: What was

Nothing But a Good Time
Small Group Notes
Warm up:
What was the most captivating thought of the sermon from Sunday?
Name the biggest lie you’ve ever told.
Dig In:
Read Eph 4:22-24. As a result of our new relationship with Christ, Paul
encourages us to do what according to these verses?
Read Eph 4:25. Now Paul gives us one specific area of our lives we are to
change as a result of our new nature. What is that?
Give as many different examples of “innocent” lies we tell.
A survey of 20,000 middle- and high-schoolers indicated that 92% admitted to
lying to their parents in the previous year, and 73% said that they told lies weekly.
Research even indicates that “church attendance makes little difference in
people’s ethical views and behavior with respect to lying, cheating, pilferage, and
not reporting theft” according to Gallup.
How often do you think you lie? What do you think is your main
motivation for lying?
What do all these verses tell us about truth telling? Ask someone to answer
the question after reading each verse.
John 17:3
Prov 12:22
Titus 1:2
Heb 6:18
John 14:6
John 8:44
Read Prov 28:13. Recall a time when you confessed a sin to someone else
and then you were healed (James 5:16)?
Challenge: This week confess to a friend a lie that you have been covering
up and ask them to pray for you.