Pobre Ana

Pobre Ana
These assignments are intended to give you a choice of how you wish to
practice the vocabulary from Pobre Ana, the book we read in class. You will be
asked to pick one of the assignments from below.
Act out a scene with a
partner from one part of
the book. Film the scene
and use I movie to edit
the scene.
Write a new ending or
chapter to the story.
Share your ending with
the class. About 100
Draw a picture and then
describe the picture using
vocabulary from the book
(at least 15 different
words). Then, using the
question words (qué, quién,
por qué, etc.), write 10
questions about the picture
(at least one question for
each question word). Make
sure to include the answers
to each question on a
separate sheet of paper!
Using puppets act out one
aspect of Pobre Ana.
Write and perform a
rap/song/jiggle about one
aspect of the story or
using the vocabulary from
the book.
Draw an original comic
strip (at least 8 boxes)
and write the script for it
in Spanish (at least 40
words using vocabulary
from Pobre Ana).
Memorize one of the
songs we listened to in
class and perform the
Create a diary written by
Ana with about 5 entries,
telling about her trip to
Mexico. Include mention
of her feelings before,
during, and after her stay.
(100 words)