G. Principles of Marketing

Commerce Lab - Practical Question Bank
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------B.Com ((General, Computers, Comp. Applications, Foreign Trade & Tax) III Year
Time: 60 Minutes
: 10
Skill Test
: 20
Total Marks : 30
1. Draw the figure of elements of a modern marketing system.
2. Draw the diagram of Selling and Marketing concept.
3. What is marketing? Explain marketing process with the diagram.
4. How you manage marketing strategy and the marketing mix. Explain with diagram.
5. Draw a diagram showing micro and macro environment.
6. Draw the table of contents of marketing plan.
7. Draw the table of major social classes in India.
8. Draw the diagram of external and internal influences shaping consumer purchase
9. Exhibit the role of marketing intermediaries through a chart?
10. Explain model of buyer behavior?
11. Explain adopter categorization on the basis of relative time of adoption of innovations
with diagram.
12. Draw a diagram showing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
13. Explain the buyer decision process with the diagram.
14. Draw the chart of steps in market segmentation, targeting and positioning.
15. Draw a chart showing the benefits of segmentation.
16. Exibit the requirements for effective segmentation through a chart.
17. Present various bases for segmentation.
18. Draw the table of Major Segmentation variables for consumer markets.
19. Present Johnson and Johnson companies target market?
20. Prepare a report on changing life styles with FMCG’s of different companies?
21. List out the products produced by HLL and explain their segmentation model?
22. Present Target marketing strategies with diagram.
23. Explain three levels of products with the diagram.
24. Draw the table of marketing considerations of consumer products.
25. Show individual product decision with the help of a diagram.
26. Explain the stages in New Product Development with the diagram.
27. What are the four service characteristics explain with diagram.
28. Draw the diagram of sales and profits over the product’s life from inception to decline.
29. Explain Styles, Fashions, and Fads with diagram.
30. Draw the table showing of Product Life Cycle characteristics.
31. Explain Break-even chart for determining target price.
32. Draw the table of Price adjustment strategies.
33. Value based pricing versus cost based pricing explain with diagram.
34. Draw the table of price adjustment strategies.
35. What are the factors influencing price determination of products or service?
36. Draw the table to explain possible advertising objectives.
37. Explain the pricing strategy of Reynold’s and cello pens and LED’s of Sony companies?
38. Draw the figure using marketing intermediary reduces the number of channel
39. Draw the diagram of Consumer and business marketing channels.
40. Draw the figure of Conventional and Vertical marketing system.
41. Draw the diagram of Multi channel distribution system.
42. Draw the table of major store Retailer types.
43. Draw the figure of integrated marketing communications.
44. What is promotion? Discuss five promotion tools?
45. Draw the major advertising decisions.
46. Draw the figure of Push versus Pull promotion strategy.
47. Draw the diagram to explain elements of communication process.
48. Draw the figure of Buyer readiness stages.
49. Draw the table and explain profiles of Major media types.
50. Give some examples of promotion mix strategies of Indian companies FMCG products?