Pre-Call Prep Form - Action Plan Marketing

Marketing Mastery Program
Marketing Mastery Monthly Report Form
Please fill out this form completely. Don’t rush. Take the time to
do it in depth. Do not leave any questions blank. Send the day before
your 1-1 appointment with Robert. Email to
1) How are you doing/feeling today? This week/month? (Your mood is
an important indicator of where you are in your business right now.)
2) What are you doing for your well-being and balance in your life?
(I.e. Exercise, nutrition, social, learning, time off), plus plans in this
3) What progress did you make on the projects/plans you are working
on in the program? (Be specific.)
4) What other results/accomplishments did you have this month?
5) Since last session or past month:
Total Points
Total Income
Total Saved
6) Did you meet with your mastermind group this month? Anything to
7) What items did you not complete that you intended or promised to
complete? What is the status of those items?
8) Any areas where you are stuck, confused, frustrated, or challenged
and you need ideas, information, insight or inspiration?
9) Please share your:
Marketing Mastery Program
Best practices:
What you are grateful for:
What you want to be acknowledged for this month:
(These above are all very important. Take the time to reflect on each
of them and answer them all.)
10) What do you see as the next steps you need to work on in your
marketing and business this month?
11) What specific questions or issues do you have?
12) What do you want to focus on or get out of this call?
13) Anything else you need to say or report?
Thank you!