Questions for Unit-7

IT221 Microsoft Network Operating Systems I
Unit-7 Class work
1. What is the Server Manager and what can be managed from there?
2. Define and describe Network Level Authentication
3. What are the Role Administration Tools and what are the used for?
4. What are some of the best practices for assigning file system permissions?
5. How would you specify which Windows Desktop features clients use within a
terminal session?
6. What is WSUS and does it do?
7. Describe how you can add a second snap-in to a console.
8. How can you take advantage of printer priorities to improve printing
What are the types of snap-ins supported by the MMC? Describe each one.
How can Network Monitor be used to capture data from other users?
11. What is the Delegation of Control Wizard? Describe some of the uses of the
Delegation of Control Wizard.
12. Describe the panes that appear in the MMC window and describe what can be
found in each pane.
13. Describe the nslookup command and describe when it would be used.
14. What is DFS? What DFS replication topology is used by default?
15. What is name resolution and reverse name resolution? What is meant by
an Active Directory Integrated Zone?
16. Describe the process how a DNS server communicates with a secondary
17. What is the Principle of Least Privilege?
18. Define/Describe each of these DNS terms:
a) Lmhosts.txt
b) dns cache
c) root hints
d) mx resource records
e) AAAA records
f) CNAME records
g) DNS notify
19. What is Background Zone Loading?