Lab 11 - Personal Web Pages

Lab 11 Overview
Windows Server 2008
Last Labs
 Lab 12
Cisco Firewall
 Lab 13
In-lab project work time
 TA available for help
Will take attendance
 Lab 14
Project due
Windows Server 2008
Main Goals
Install Windows Server 2008
Enable some IIS features
Configure IIS features
Side goals
Creating a VM from an ISO image on a USB
Windows Server 2008
Cover sheet
Summary of lab
Document working (screenshots and text as
• DNS server
• FTP server
• HTTP server
Windows Server 2008
Create VM
Configure VM
Change IP address
Change host name
Use your 49er ID
Install services
Configure services
 Simple Domain Name Server
 File server
 Web Server
 Create a web site like you did with Apache
 Test the above services with your Debian VM
 Debian IP address: 192.168.<pcnumber>.20
 Same network as your Windows Server
 Use the URL to also test the DNS
Name should be your userid
Host should be www
Access the Web Pages copied to the Windows Server
Transfer a file via FTP
 Hint: what did you need to do to get your browser on the remote
device to use the host/domain names in the DNS lab?
Forward Queries
Need not work
Needs an address
If want to test need to use NAT
Lab 11
Lab 20 pts
Cover sheet
• Installation and configuration
• DNS, FTP and HTTP server working