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University of Babylon, IT College
Information Network Dep., Third Class, Second Semester
MTCNA Course
MikroTik Certified Network Associate
By M.Sc. I.T Alaa A. Mahdi
DST-NAT Example
Force users to use specified DNS server
This is just simple firewall rule which will
force all Your users behind RB to use DNS
server which You will define.
This rule will force all users with custom defined DNS server to
use as their DNS server, this rule will simply
redirect all request sent to ANY-IP:53 to
/ip firewall filter nat
add chain=dstnat protocol=tcp dst-port=53
action=dst-nat to-addresses=
add chain=dstnat protocol=udp dst-port=53
action=dst-nat to-addresses= toports=53
Firewall address lists allow to create a list of
IP addresses to be used for packet matching.
Firewall address lists allow user to create lists
of IP addresses grouped together. Firewall
filter, mangle and NAT facilities can use
address lists to match packets against them.
Creating an Address List
Name - specify the name of the address list to
add IP address to.
address (IP address/netmask | IP address-IP
address) - specify the IP address or range to
be added to the address list.
Example Address List
Sometimes, in MT logs, you will see that
some IPs from WAN/LAN try to login to
your MT box using SSH, Winbox, etc. To
secure your router, the best solution would
be to come up with a list of networks that
should be allowed to access the router
administratively, and block everything else.
The address list records could be updated
dynamically via the
action=add-src-to-address-list or
• add-dst-to-address-list - add destination
address to address list specified by addresslist parameter .
• add-src-to-address-list - add source
address to address list specified by addresslist parameter .
address-list (string; Default: )
Name of the address list to be used.
Applicable if action is add-dst-to-address-list
or add-src-to-address-list
address-list-timeout (time; Default: 00:00:00)
Time interval after which the address will be
removed from the address list specified by
address-list parameter. Used in conjunction
with add-dst-to-address-list or add-src-toaddress-list actions
Value of 00:00:00 will leave the address in the
address list forever .