FINANCIAL MARKETS Instructor: Eugenija Martinaityte

Instructor: Eugenija Martinaityte +370 65286895,
Language of Instruction: English
Required Prerequisites: Macroeconomics, Banking and Finance
ECTS credits: 6 Local credits: 4
Contact hours per week: 2-4
Semester: Spring
Methods of Teaching: lectures, independent studies, case studies, working groups and
consultations, individual tasks, presentations and discussions.
Form of Assessment: Individual paper and written exam (essay and case study).
The studies will acknowledge with the notions of financial system and securities, essence of
investment, its types and mechanisms, money markets and capital markets, with derivatives as well
in the context of financial integration, and risk management..
The objective of the subject of Financial Markets is to present students with the theoretical and
practical knowledge about financial markets, the role of financial markets in the globalise world of
our days, tendencies of development of financial system, securities, to develop mental and practical
habits, which are necessary for finding and assessment of problems, to make the research of the
looking for decisions in the competitive situation. Financial Institutions: International Banks,
managers, IMF, etc. The role of International Monetary System., European Monetary Sustem. Forex
Markets. Currency futures, Options, Swaps. Eurocurrency market. International Bond Market. The
Process of Internacionalization of Financial Markets: Major Financial Centers. International
Investment and Capital Markets. International Portfolio diversification. Policy Issues.
Reading list:
1. 1. Mishkin F. The Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets. Seventh Edition.
Addison-Wesley, 2004, 679 p.
2. Bodie Zvi, Alex Kane, and Alan Marcus. Investments. Sixth edition. Chicago: Irwin, 2005. 1090 p