Computer Architecture

Q1> what is AGP?state features of Agp?
Q2>what is BIOS?state function of BIOS?
Q3>list any four features of ISA bus[write max..]?
Q4>state meaning of SDRAM,DDR,RDBUS,L1,L2 & L3
cache?state their advantages only?
Q5> list any four features of PCI bus[write max..]?
Q6>what is cache?state its purpose?
Q7>state difference between internal & external cache?
Q8> state difference between L1 & L2 cache?
Q9>Explain in detail logical memory organization ?
Q10>state feature of XT motherboard?
Q11>state feature of AT motherboard?
Q12>satte difference between XT & AT motherboard ?
Q13>state features of following buses :
Q14> Explain term and state difference between extended
memory,expanded memory & base memory(conventional
Q15> compare PCI and PCI xpress bus?
Q16> state features of chipset?describe chipset architecture?
Q17>write note on HUB architecture?
Q18compare PCI & AGP?
Q1>what function of floppy disk,harddisk & cdrom?
Q2>what is ATA & describe types of ATA ?
Q3>Related to HD Explain tracks,sector,cylinder,cluster,MBR?
Q4>what is partioning & formating of disk ?
Q5>list out physical component of HDD subassembly Describe
different head assembly ?
Q6>what is recording technique ?list different types of recording
Q7>Describe FM,MFM,RLL recording techinques?
Q8>compare CD & DVD on basis of data storage,no. Of sides,cost
per bit,no. Of layers,capacity,tracks & pitch ?
Q9>compare HL & LL partioning ?
Q10>Explain in details four recording techniques?
Q11>Describe construction of CDROM & Explain recording of it?
Compare cd & dvd?
Q12>Describe intealeave factor,zone bit-recording,write
Q13>Describe 8 feature of SATA & PATA ?
Q14>Explain concept of MBR?
Q15>compare RLL, FM,MFM recording techinque ?
Q16>Expalin construction of DVD also explain its relability ?
Q17>compare FDD,HDD,CDROM?
Q1>Draw labelled diagram of CRT mode and explain ?
Q2>what are the major components of lcd ? state function of
each ?
Q3>Describe the characterstics of CRT monitor,
Dotpitch,Resolution,video band width, H & V frequency?
Q4>Draw & explain block diagram of video acclerator card ?
Q5>Describe working of LCD monitor with neat diagram also
state important characteristics of LCD monitor ?
Q6>Draw block diagram of CRT monitor? Explain each block of it
Q7>state advantages of CRT & LCD diaplay ?
Q8>Explain passive & active matrix in LCD monitor give their
advantages ?
Q9> Explain the term 1>interlaced & non-interlaced scanning ?
Q10>compare LCD & CRT monitor?
Q11>state advantages and disadvantages of LCD over CRT ?
Q12> state advantages and disadvantages of CRT over LCD ?
Q13>List specification of LCD monitor?
Q14> List specification of CRT monitor?
Q15>compare passive & active matrix in LCD ?
Q16>Different interlaced & non-interlaced monitor?
Q1>waht is modem list its different types?
Q2>sketch the labelled diagram of external modem & explain &
state function of LED present on panel?
Q3>sketch thelabelled block diagram of internal modem &
explain ?
Q4>state difference between internal & external modem ?
Q5>sketch of internal diagram of opto mechanical mouse &
describe mouse operation ?
Q6>Draw and explain mechanical mouse ?
Q7>compare mechanical & opto mechanical mouse ?
Q8>Explain working of optical mouse with neat block diagram
state advantage over opto mechanical mouse ?
Q9>Draw block diagram of scanner with explanation ?
Q10>Draw block iagram of flatbed scanner & explain?
Q11>Draw flat bed scanner & give its specification ?
Q12>List specification of : 1>Dotmatrix 2> laser 3> inkjet
printer ?
Q13> state block diagram of dotmatrix printer sub assembly /
Q14> compare inkjet & laser printer ?
Q15>Explain working of inkjet printer with diagram & give its
Q16> List different types of key switch used & explain them ?
Q17>write the construction & working of keyboard & give
installation process ?
Q18>Draw & explain block diagram of laser printer ? give its
specification ?
Q19>Give installation process for : 1> moem 2> printer
3>scanner 4>keyboard
5>mouse ?
Q1>Draw block diagram of ups ? list out types of ups ?
Q2>what is power good signal ? what is its use ?state the color of
power good cable for ATX power supply?
Q3> sketch and label block diagram of SMPS ?describe the
function of PWM of SMPS ?
Q4>Explain the term powe problem
Q5>Describe working of surge supressor?
Q6>Explain the blosk diagram of on-line ups?
Q7>List the output voltage of ATX power suypply and their
Q8>write characterstics of power supply ?
Q9>Draw diagram of ATX power connector ?
Q10>compare o n & of line ups ?
Q11>write short note on power protection devices?
Q12>compare SMPS & linear power supply ?
Q13>Draw & expalin with block diagram lps?
Q1>List out any four characterstics of RS232 standard interface
Q2>which device can be interfacing using firewire ? list out any
six features of firewire?
Q3>wat is scsi ? wich are different standard for s1? Compare scsi
cable on the basis of no.bits,no. Of pins, cable length & more
immunity ?
Q4> Explain in detail pin sinal decnotion details of decmpention
withtimmeing wafreom?
Q5>Expalin crate interfacing with time ?
Q6>Explain what is scsi explain scsi ith common congiguraton?
Q7?what is scsi?explain scsi driver format ?
Q8> Draw the block iagram of rs232common system ?
Q9?list eight featuresof firewire?
Q10>Draw the interfcacility diagar im but qeen with the
open,prem write
Q11> compare usp ps232 for each?
Q12>list and explain the centuries signal from compare to
Q13>list and dscrbie connectivityaf rs-232,infoace compuer
232,special firewire & centronics ?
Q14>list different version of ups?
Q1>Describe working & apllin of login problem & logic pulser?
Q2>what is preventive maintainance list four peripherial and
then preventivemaintainance satte any six general precaution
while doing maintainance ?
Q3>state the diag notes step when pc user gives complaint that
dead system no booting & no dispaly ?
Q4>What is preventive maintaince state its types ?
Q5>Give reason and expalin following:
1> One long beep 2> unck character on the movement 3>thee
contro lbeep?
Q6>write dif steps in carry preventive maintainance ?
Q7>Explain terms: 1>BSD 2>RFI protection ?
Q8>Explain how preventive maintainance of printer is done ?
Q9>write faults finding and trouble shooting provider of
peripheral of pc ?
Q10>Draw block diagram of logic analyser?
Q11>what is earthing & necessity of earthing ?
Q12> preventive maintaince of keyboard,mouse,printer?
Q13>Desacribe post sequnce of pentium ?
Q14> list and describe beep code ?