Name: Social Studies 7 21 October 2013 Social Studies Chapter 5

Social Studies 7
21 October 2013
Social Studies Chapter 5
Matching: Place the correct word in the space provided
Sons of Liberty
______________________ a small army made up of ordinary citizens who will fight in an emergency
______________________ to take back, or to cancel a law
______________________ another word for tax
4. ______________________ patriotic “mob” led by Sam Adams
5. ______________________ believed colonies had a right to govern themselves
_____________________ an organized refusal to buy goods from a certain source
2. _____________________ untruths or exaggerations to make one think a certain way
3. _____________________ the unjust use of government power
4. _____________________ a nation that joins another nation in a common effort
5. _____________________ American colonists with strong ties to the British
True or False:
1. ______ Before 1763, the American colonies had been left alone to govern themselves.
2. ______ After the French and Indian War, the British Parliament taxed the colonies to help pay of their
war debt.
3. ______ The Proclamation of 1763 sparked a boycott of British goods.
4. ______ The colonists opposed the Townshend Acts and the Tea Acts. They called it “taxation without
5. ______ The Boston Massacre occurred because of the Boston Tea Party.
6. ______ The colonist believed that England had no right to tax the colonies (Stamp Act).
7. _______ The colonists gave into the British after the Intolerable Acts.
8. _______ The colonists gave into the British after Lexington and Concord.
Proclamation of 1763
Quartering Act
Lexington and Concord
Intolerable Acts
First Continental Congress
____________________ provide housing, bedding, food, candles to the British soldiers
2. ____________________ 50 leaders from 12 colonies met in Philadelphia to urge the King to hear their
complaints and recognize their rights.
3. ____________________ the Boston harbor closed, more British troops were sent over, British soldiers
were tried in England, and Massachusetts government under British control
4. ___________________ A loss and then a victory for the Patriots proving they were willing to fight and
even die
5. ___________________ A line was drawn splitting the Appalachian Mountains in half. East goes to the
colonist, and West goes to the Native American.
Stamp Act
Boston Massacre
The Tea Act
Townshend Act
Boston Tea Party
_____________________ British soldiers fired into a mob, killing among other, Crispus Attucks, a
black man.
2. _____________________ Taxes on paper products such as wills, newspaper, licenses.
3. _____________________ An attempt to bail out our help the British East India Company by lowering
the cost of its tea sold to the colonies.
4. _____________________ Colonists dressed as Indians and threw tea into the harbor to protest the Tea
5. ____________________ Taxes on glass, paint, tea, and paper