Unit I Map Assignment Instructions

Unit II Map Assignment Instructions
You will create a series of maps. Your maps will show post-classical civilizations across the
1. Label five geographical features for each map. Try to identify the important geographical
features for the different eras.
2. Label the dominant empires, kingdoms or regional groups for each map.
3. Label at least three major cities for each area identified above. Be sure to identify any
4. Include major roads, walls, canals, etc...
5. Identify any migration groups. Who migrated? Where did they settle? What was their
6. Identify the Silk Road Route, Indian Ocean Trade Route and the Trans Saharan Trade Route
for the appropriate map. What were the major link points on the routes? What items were
being traded along the routes? Where are they going? How are the items being transported?
7. Identify the location of religions across the map.
8. Identify locations of significant battles and events for the time period. Make sure you list the
date. Example: Battle of Tours (732)
9. Create keys and color codes to identify the different items, religions, empires, etc… You
may put the key on a separate page. NEATNESS WILL COUNT!!!
10. Start creating cultural analysis to accompany your maps. You may place them on the back of
the map or a separate page.
11. If your map is getting too congested, print another one.
You will keep up with these maps for the remainder of Unit II. Begin creating maps for the
groups we have covered to this point: Byzantine, Western Europe, Africa and Islam. As we move
through the unit, you should add items to your map. Eventually, China and America will be
added to your maps.