PennAccess: 36th Street, 133 South

PennAccess: McNeil Building
Entrance Information:
3718 Locust Walk . Philadelphia . PA . 19104
1. The push-plate-operated west entrance has a ramp and leads to the first floor. The elevators
are located straight ahead and to the left.
2. There is an exterior ramp on the south side of the building across the Lehman Brothers
Quadrangle from Vance Hall leading to a push-plate-operated door to the basement. The
elevator is straight ahead.
• The east entrance is not accessible. There is a flight of stairs outside of the door.
Elevator Information:
• There are two elevators in the middle of the building, directly across the hall from one another.
Accessible Restrooms:
• First floor - men's and women's
Building Information:
• The library, located on the fourth floor, has an upper section which is locked and can not be
accessed from the elevator. See librarian to retrieve books stored in that section.
• Career Planning and Placement Services is located in the basement.
• There is a computer lab in room 111.
•The McNeil Building is open to the public: Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 8:30pm.