PennAccess: 36th Street, 133 South

PennAccess: Bookstore, University of Pennsylvania
Entrance Information:
3601 Walnut Street . Philadelphia . PA . 19104
1. The main entrance to the bookstore is on the corner of 36th and Walnut. Inside, a ramp joins
the street-level lobby to the higher-level store.
2. A second entrance is located at the rear of the store. Two ramps lead down from this lobby into
the store.
3. The Bookstore is also accessible from an internal door in the rear of the Computer Connection.
Elevator Information:
• There is one elevator on the western side of the store.
• There is an escalator on the eastern side of the store.
Accessible Restrooms:
• First floor - women's and men's.
Building Information:
• There is a raised section in the rear of the store on the first floor, that is accessible by ramp.
• There is a second floor that is accessible by elevator.
• This store is fully accessible.
• There are several individual retail stores located along 36th Street and Walnut Street that are