Causes & Effects of American Industrialization

Chapter 18
Causes and Effects of American Industrialization
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Place each of the following terms in the correct column to indicate whether the term represents a cause or an effect
of American Industrialization. You may find that several items go in either column depending upon your reasoning.
Unrestricted immigration
Wide spread use of the corporation as a form of
Higher standard of living
business organization
Government aid to transcontinental railroads
Large scale cotton production in the South
Growing population
Mass production techniques
New industrial products and services
Development of new sources of power
High tariff
New inventions
Discovery of large deposits of raw materials in the
Growth of cities
Foreign investments in American factories
American leadership of the developed nations
Need to protect the rights of consumers and factory
Lengthening of internal waterways and canals
Stable banking system
Causes of Industrialization
Effects of Industrialization