Activity - Chapter 6

Class Activity
Chapter 6
Balance the following chemical equations
a. CaCO3  CaO + CO2
b. Na + O2  Na2O
c. Mg + N2  Mg3N2
d. C2H6 + O2  CO2 + H2O
e. PBr3 + H2O  HBr + H3PO3
Write a balanced chemical equations from the following word equations. Include the
physical state of each of the element or compound
a. Sodium metal plus water yields hydrogen gas and an aqueous sodium hydroxide
b. An aqueous phosphoric acid solution plus an aqueous calcium hydroxide solution
yields water and solid calcium phosphate
c. Solid phenol (C6H6O) reacts with oxygen to form carbon dioxide gas and liquid
d. Magnesium dissolves in an aqueous chromium (III) nitrate solution to form
chromium and a magnesium nitrate solution
e. One of the steps in the production of iron involves the reaction of Fe3O4 with
carbon monoxide is formed. Write the balanced equation
f. Aqueous hydrochloric acid reacts with solid manganese (IV) oxide to form aqueous
manganese (II) chloride, liquid water, and chlorine gas.