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Pandora’s Box
September 2014
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Mythology Words
Directions: The play Pandora’s Box contains vocabulary you might often come across in Greek myths. As you
read, look for the words in the ovals below. Figure out their meanings from context or use a dictionary or our
Whole-Issue Glossary to help you. Write their meanings in the ovals.
1. Mount Olympus
p. 23
8. bearable
2. defy
p. 26
p. 24
7. hideous
3. eternity
p. 26
p. 24
6. chariot
4. urn
p. 24
p. 24
5. exceptional
p. 24
Your turn! On a separate sheet of paper, do one of the tasks below. Use at least four of the words above in your task.
• Imagine yourself as a Greek god or goddess and write a diary entry describing what you did last Friday evening.
• Imagine yourself as a travel agent in ancient Greece. Design a flyer advertising a local tourist attraction.
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