Narrative Techniques and Themes in Ancient Greek Mythology

Ms. Engel/English 2 CP
Module B: Heroes and Myths
Narrative Techniques & Themes in Ancient Greek Mythology
Ancient Greek myths are stories of heroes, villains, and
sometimes even damsels in the distress. Believe it or
not, they are no different from the action movies that
are popular today. Some of those movies even have
their roots in mythology. For example, Thor, the recent
Marvel movie is based on a comic that is based on
the ancient Norse god Thor – the Norse God of
Thunder. An important part of the tradition of
mythology is made up of the narrative techniques
used by writers who have recounted the world’s
oldest stories. Below are some of the narrative techniques and themes
found in Ancient Greek mythology. Define each term. Later on, we will
look at how these terms come into play in some of the poetry that is
based on myths.
 The Value of Arete Dramatic Aside Chronological Narrative Epic Poem Dramatic Irony Homeric Simile Epithet-
 Character Foil Heroic Couplet Iambic Pentameter Invocation Xenia-