respiratory vocab 2014-2015

Human Body Vocabulary: Respiratory System
1. respiratory system- a system that brings in oxygen and removes carbon dioxide and
2. oxygen- a colorless gas you breathe in; used in cellular respiration
3. diaphragm- the dome-shaped sheet of muscle that forms the bottom of the chest
cavity; contract=breathe in
4. abdomen- skip this
5. lungs- the two breathing organs where gas exchange occurs
6. nose / nasal passage- when you breathe in, air enters here before passing on to the
7. windpipe- same as trachea
8. epiglottis- the flap of cartilage that closes the opening to the trachea when you
9. bronchi (bronchial tubes)- the passageways that allow air to travel from your trachea
to your lungs; the trachea divides into two main bronchi
10. alveoli- tiny air sacs in the lungs where oxygen enters your blood and carbon
dioxide leaves it
11. carbon dioxide- a colorless gas you breathe out; a waste product of cellular
12. pleura- a membrane that encloses each of the lungs and chest cavity
13. larynx- (voice box) the muscle and cartilage where your vocal cords are located
14. pharynx- (throat) the tube at the back of your nose and mouth that allows air to pass
into the trachea; respiratory and digestive systems share this
15. trachea - (windpipe) the tube for breathing that leads from the throat to the lungs
16. bronchioles—the smallest and thinnest air tubes in the lungs
17. mucus—the slimy liquid inside your respiratory tract that moistens, warms, and
filters air
18. cilia—tiny hairs inside your air tubes that keep dirt away from your lungs