This resource has been produced with assistance from the - e-Bug

This project has been led by the Primary Care Unit, Health Protection Agency with assistance
from the following teachers and schools:
Miss Smith
Mr Archer
Mrs Halloway
Mrs Wiggins
Mrs Schenk
Mrs Harvey
Mr Wilton
Miss Hatley
Mr Van der Broek
Mrs H Lancaster
Ms L Lawrence
Ms Horscroft
Ms L Taylor
Miss J Williams
Ms P Masters
Mrs M Keegan
Mrs M Donkin
Mr B Major
Mr C Bartleman
Miss A Wallace
Mr Hugh Williams
Dr Jo Lewthwaite
Miss S Bravigton
Miss L Robinson
Miss L Spafford
Mrs M E Farrell
Cirencester Junior School, Gloucestershire
Elmbridge Junior School, Gloucestershire
Powell’s Junior School, Gloucestershire
Stow on the Wold Junior School, Gloucestershire
Swell Church of England Junior School, Gloucestershire
Nailsworth Junior School, Gloucestershire
Mere School, Gloucestershire
Uplands Community Primary School, Stroud
Lakers School, Gloucestershire
Trinity Catholic School, London
Ribston Hall High School, Gloucestershire
The Cotswold School, Gloucestershire
Bishops College, Gloucestershire
Ralph Allen School, Bath
Kingsfield School, Bristol
Chipping Sodbury, Bristol
Hayesfield School, Bath
The Ridings High School, Bristol
Thorntree Primary School, Glasgow
Smithycroft Secondary School, Glasgow
The resource has been produced in collaboration with the following bodies:
City University, London
International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene
The Society for General Microbiology
The Department of Health
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