Colette Gilbert
January 20, 2010
Acrostic Poem
Photosynthesis is the process of plants making food for them selves
Helping them to take in the CO2 we breathe out
Oxygen we breathe in that they made in Photosynthesis
They make sugar and oxygen and release it into the air
Or they are very healthy to eat
Stomata’s help take in the CO2 & sunlight to make food
You can help the plant by exhaling…CO2
Never put a plant in a closet because it can’t get sunlight
The plant absorbs water through its roots
Help to plant more plants to help all humans and give us air to breathe
Everyone can help by planting plants to stop pollution to clean the air
Stop bad air quality! Keep the Earth clean…water your plants!!!!!
I help by watering plants
So keep the Earth clean for the plants!!