Sociology Notes & Terms: Early Thinkers

Early Sociology
 What had been going on in Europe in the 1700 -1800’s?
o New Industrial Economy
o The growth of cities
o New ideas about democracy & political rights
* A new awareness of “society” took place… England, France & Germany
 Science & Sociology “What is the nature of society? Can it be analyzed?”
o Some (but not all) shared ideas by early sociologists:
 No King could decide what social arrangements were best. It should
determined by science.
 Social change wasn’t random, there must be some order or meaning
 Inequality (based on place of birth, social class, parentage) was immoral &
 Vocab: make sure you know what these words mean!
1. Industrialization
2. Urbanization
3. Positivism
4. Theory
5. Natural Selection
6. Social fact
7. Anomie
8. Proletariat & Bourgeoisie
9. Institutions
10. Paradigm
11.Macro- level orientation:
12.Micro- level orientation: