Operations Management
FALL 2013
Instructor: Ying-Jiun Hsieh, [email protected]
Class Hours: Mondays 9:10 AM – Noon
Office Hours: By [email protected] SSM 829
Prerequisites: None
Text Book:
1. Operations Management by William J. Stevenson (11th Edition).
Publisher: McGraw- Hill (ISBN 978-986-157-977-1)
Text Book Ordering info: 華泰 0919388237 (Attn: 張維峻)
2. Services Marketing by Valarie A. Zeithaml et al. (6th Edition).
Publisher: McGraw- Hill (ISBN 978-007-108696-7)
Text Book Ordering info: 華泰 0919388237 (Attn: 張維峻)
Grading Policy:
(1) Class participation: 30%
(2) Group case presentation & discussion: 40%
(3) Term project (Group; Week 17): 30% - details to be delivered midterm
1. Attach a hard copy of the presentation at the beginning of class when it is due,
and send your presentation files to TA on the same day.
2. In your presentation, please include discussion questions and your answers to
them when the case has questions in it; otherwise, be prepared for open
questions and discussion.
3. Regardless of the number of enrollment, students will be grouped into teams.
Topics and content to be covered:
1. Introduction to operations management (OM CH1)
Case: Wegmans food markets (p.33)
2. Competitiveness, strategy, and productivity (OM CH2)
Case: Your garden gloves (p.69)
3. Management of quality (OM CH9)
Case 1: Chick-n-gravy dinner line (p.414)
Case 2: Tip top markets (p.415)
4. The gaps model of service quality (SM CH2)
Case: Technology spotlight (p.42)
5. Product design (OM CH4)
Case: Do you want pickled beets with that? (p.140)
6. Service innovation and design (SM CH8)
Case: Servivce innovation at the Mayo Clinic (p.232)
7. Phisical evidence and the servicescape (SM CH10)
Case: McDonald’s adapts servicescapes to fit the culture (p.300)
8. Strategic capacity planning for products (OM CH5)
Case: My compliments to the chef, er, buyer (p.194)
9. Managing demand and capacity for services (SM CH13)
Case: Cemex creatively manages chaotic demand for its services (p.384)
10. Supply chain management (OM CH15)
Case: Rise of the 3PL (p.688)
11. “Outsourced” (Video)
12. Employees’ roles in service delivery (SM CH11)
Case: Technology spotlight (p.326)
13. Customers’ roles in service delivery (SM CH12)
Case: Global feature: IKEA (p.357)
14. JIT and lean operations (OM CH14)
15. Six Sigma (Supplementary material)
Note: No meetings on midterm and final weeks (Week 9 & 18)